About Us

Allison Salas

Allison is Co-Owner of Thirty-Five Acres, LLC and recently graduated from Clemson University. While spending time at Clemson, she decided to follow another passion of hers and became a real estate agent. Allison has always wanted to help people find their dream home and has quickly realized that the easy part is finding a great home for her clients. The hard part is often finding a great yard to match.

Allison grew up on the self-sustaining farm where Thirty-Five Acres originated and soon became fascinated with giving people not only their dream home but also being able to build their dream fence as well. 

Joseph Smith

Joseph is Co-Owner of Thirty-Five Acres, LLC and is currently enrolled at Clemson University working towards a degree in finance. He always wanted to be an entrepreneur and run his own business. Considering his love for building from a young age and his ambition to be a successful business owner, fencing was the perfect opportunity to make his dream a reality.

“There is a real need for quality fences built by honest people who take pride in their craftsmanship. This is what sets Thirty-Five Acres apart from other fencing companies. We’re more concerned with quality over quantity; we’re not mass-producing fences here. Each fence is built specifically for the client; custom.” -Joey

A little about where we came from…

The name, Thirty-Five Acres, was the name of the self-sustaining farm Paul Salas, Allison’s father, built from the ground up. Yes, you read that right; he built a self-sustaining farm. He did not pay a single utility bill for over six years. Can you imagine not paying any utility bills? Nice thought, right?

Not to say he lived roughly, though, quite the opposite. Paul’s home was fed with energy created in a solar farm he engineered. He ate food grown and raised right there on the very farm he lived. Living this lifestyle, one can easily imagine these were years of education and enlightenment. As a result, he felt the need to share his knowledge and wisdom about self-sustainment farming, and good stewardship and Thirty-Five Acres was born, est. 2013.

Thirty-Five Acres was initially a consulting business helping farmers get started with beekeeping, small-animal farming, and self-sustainment systems like hydroponics, alternative energy solutions, etc. During these consulting years, Paul realized farmers lacked quality fences and decided to offer fencing services to his clients. Word spread quickly that Thirty-Five Acres built reasonably-priced, quality fences, and business took off. It wasn’t long until residential clients came flooding in, which now make up the majority of our customers.