Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences, and every property is different. Our team will work with you to find the best height and style to fit your property and your needs. Fences add value to your property, and we want to help you get it right.
Horizontal Variation

A great variation to our standard horizontal fence. This fence’s abstract look adds a decorative touch to any yard.

Triple-Rail Horse Fence with Wire

A great looking and functional fence great for keeping in (or out) everything from children to dogs to cows.

Aluminum Fence

Sprucing up your yard with a beautifully designed aluminum fence is an affordable way to gain more safety, style, privacy, and protection with one simple installation.

Split Rail Fence

Add a touch of rustic charm to your property with a wooden rail fence. Rail fences create property boundaries while adding character to your yard.

Increase the safety and the value of your property with a top-quality, reliable chain link fence expertly installed by 35Acres. Why chain link? Low material and labor costs make chain link fences an extremely cost effective fencing solution.

An attractive variation to our galvanized chain link fence without costing too much more.

5′ White Potomac (Vinyl)

For a long lasting fence with a polished look, without a lot of maintenance, look to vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing offers extensive choices of style and color, but doesn’t require continued staining or painting like its wooden fence counterpart. Not only will you save time with vinyl fencing – you’ll save money.

Standard 6′ Privacy Fence

Our most popular fence. Privacy fences have always been symbolic of peaceful and comfortable suburban living while providing privacy.

Alternating Picket Privacy Fence

This fence makes your property stand out with minimal effort on your part, and there’s wide variety of style options. Provides most of the privacy and all of the restraint of a privacy fence. A nice looking variation to the Standard Privacy Fence.

6′ Charleston

For a fence that provides beauty, privacy, and security, look no further. Another nice variation to our Standard Privacy Fence

Basket Weave Fence

Privacy never looked so good. The bold lines of the Basket Weave provide a great backdrop for landscaping. A great looking and functional privacy fence.

Gothic Picket Fence

A picket fence is a perfect way to enclose your property while showcasing its beauty to the neighborhood by outlining your yard while creating an inviting feel.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Add privacy to your yard or security around your pool


A great combination that is functional and eye-appealing.